A Living Story of Your Most Special Day

A wedding is one of the most important days that people experience. A still photo album of the wedding has been the best way to record that special day. But today, with the availability of high quality video and sound equipment, a film that tells the story of your special day is easily within reach of most budgets.

Your wedding is not just the ceremony and reception. A complete record of your wedding should include time with the camera long before the wedding. Interviews with both the bride and groom, talking about their story, how they met, fell in Love, and the proposal. Interviews with family at the reception, the wishes for success, the joy of your friends. Each part adds so much meaning to the experience as you watch your special day in years to come.

Our wedding videos, and how we create them, require us being involved early in the planning process. Getting to know the couple, their relationship, how they fell in Love, the proposal, are all essential parts of being able to tell the real story of the wedding day. All of these pieces are what make watching this video so special in the years to come.

Pricing packages for wedding videos are:

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