family archiving

Family Story Archiving

While living in Cannon Beach Oregon from 2001 until 2006, I was the Oral History Project Coordinator for the Cannon Beach Historical Society. My time with the Historical Society gave me an insight into the importance of recording the stories of our elders and the best methods to get good results.

Our elders have seen things and lived through experiences that have brought them wisdom, to lose their knowledge is not necessary. If you have grandparents, consider investing the time and money to record the stories they tell. The children of your family and those yet unborn will benefit. We live in a truly marvelous time when we have the means to capture and show stories that would normally be lost to posterity. We are not a culture of oral tradition, we do not pass on the wisdom of prior generations through stories, but we can pass on a living record of our elders wisdom by recording them as they tell us what they learned on their journey through life.

Robert Hernandez, Wintun Tribal Elder

This video is from the Northern California project.

I can record a video archive anywhere you choose. The comfort of the story teller is critically important. Being able to relax affects the ease with which they tell their story.

With my lighting and sound equipment, I am very mobile and can set up to do high quality video virtually anywhere.

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