Recording Special Events

Parties, graduation, anniversaries, athletic events, any sort of gathering or activity can be videotaped to create a long lasting record. Anything that you, your family, or business associates are involved in that you wish to remember in the years ahead, can and should be recorded.

There are no package pricing deals for this type of video production. Project pricing is determined on a case by case basis. Much depends on the client's wishes. If there is a lot of post-production editing to create a video with continuity, the costs will generally be higher. Post-production editing is billed by the hour.

Basic rate for video post-production is $65 per hour.

On location video recording fees are based on actual location, complexity, number of segments needed, and length of real time spent on location. This amount is agreed upon by signed contract prior to taping, and payment is to be made at the end of shooting day.

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