Legal Deposition Video Recordings

A successful court case can often rest on the prosecution or defense being able to put forward vital information from a variety of sources. Our video deposition service focuses on real-time capture of vital information.

Though not every deposition need be recorded in a video format, it is a medium perfectly suited to the courtroom. It has been discovered that a jury finds it easier to absorb and interpret evidence that is given in an audio/visual format. It should be noted that for a video deposition to be beneficial, there is a requirement to do more than just simply record a witness' statement. We understand the way in which the video recordings are made and edited has an enormous impact upon how it is perceived.

When creating our video depositions, we focus on three specific areas, the timing, visual quality, and sound quality. Timing of video depositions is important, as not every individual involved with the particular case would be able to attend the deposition, it is essential that all members of the legal team are able to develop a clear understanding and respond to the information as quickly as possible. Through real time reporting, a legal team should be able to come to a conclusion as to which line of questioning to take to help their client. With a video deposition, it is important to consider the actual audio and visual quality of the presentation. Though not always perceived as critical factors, if the video quality is poor or mediocre, and the sound is not clear, this can have an impact on the outcome of the proceedings. It would be a mistake to underestimate the importance of quality in a video deposition, all the information given by witnesses should be clear to all, especially to the jury and the judge.

Video depositions should be thought of as an invaluable tool that can help make or break any court case. When it comes to actually recording a witness statement, apart from the sound and audio quality, there are other important factors that should be considered. Witnesses should be prepared before any recording begins; they should be informed about what will be expected from them. Each individual who is to be recorded should understand that they are not required to give a dramatic performance; they should simply appear as natural as possible.

An important consideration is where to make the recordings. Perhaps the best place would be a special conference room, though there is also the option of the witness's office, home, or even a location that is in some way related to the actual case. Depending upon the mental state of the witness, they may feel more comfortable giving their deposition in their own home as opposed to the clinical setting of a law office. It is essential to choose a location for the deposition that allows the witness to feel comfortable and relaxed. Whatever location is chosen, the background should be neutral and professional in appearance, and not cause any form of distraction.

Another important issue relating to video depositions and the impact each recording has on a court case is the actual seating arrangements. Attention should be given to the positioning of the witness giving the evidence, for example, they should not sit in front of any window as this can cause a high contrast silhouette effect that would not allow their facial expressions to be seen clearly.

Our professional video, sound and lighting equipment, allows us to record high quality depositions anywhere your legal staff or witnesses choose. When you need to have an edge in court, with a sharp clear, easily heard deposition, consider our video deposition recording service.

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