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November, 2011

John Skuja, Owner, Yellow Raven Productions


Coming from a family that was involved in photography, I developed an eye for composing scenes early in life. I am taking the same route as my father, who after spending his working life as an electrician for the railroad, went to school after retirement and began to paint. He created many still lifes, portraits, and nature scenes. His work was of high quality and most of his canvasses were in a one man exhibition at the Tacoma Public Library in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Before his eyesight let him down and he quit painting, he had produced a large number of paintings.

After forty years as an Audi/Porsche Tech, I started doing video in 2009. I took the class for studio producers at RVTV in Ashland and have since been producing two programs, Story Time for Kids with the Jackson County Library, and The Real Dirt, about organic gardening. Last year I won four CAT awards for my programming and was the 2010 Community producer of the year. In 2010, I attended a documentary making workshop at Video Maker Magazine head office in Chico, California. Led by award winning documentary maker Gerard Ungerman, it was an inspiritional experience.

Recently I started to help with a project in Northern California creating a video record of the stories of Wintun Native Nation elders. Please visit my Family Story Archiving page to read more about how this project came to be, and see an example of a living history.

I found over the past two years, that video production is a passion. Photography can tell a very vivid story, with composition, color, and many nuances, but video takes all of this to a new level by adding motion and time to the equation. I love what I do.

Some of the projects I have done, or am involved with:

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